About us

Oz Buggy Tours is a brand-new subsidiary of Australia’s leading event-buggy company. The result of 20 years of supplying Australia’s leading festivals, events and organisations with premium utility buggies has led to the launch of our all-new Oz Buggy Tours.

Fusing our diligent safety-first processes with our love of adventure and Australian nature, we have developed an all-new hands on, interactive and fun off-road experience that takes any fully licenced driver from the age of 17 (learner drivers not permitted) into some of the most spectacular scenery our country has to offer.

Some of these locations are normally only accessible by experienced drivers with 4X4 set ups, however with Oz Buggy Tours you now have a chance to sit behind the wheel and tackle tracks ranging from beginner to experienced level. Go through river crosses, up craggy, rocky tracks and past spectacular waterfalls in a guided tour that will test your driving skills to the max, in the safest way possible.

Locally based in Brisbane and Melbourne, we are committed to providing locals with support through employment and accessible fun, as well as supporting the community by bringing in Aussies to experience something new.

Come alone or share the fun, enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and get out of the house for Australia’s newest off-road experience.

Talented Staff
Amazing Places

Unique Experiences

Traverse 10,000 acres of wilderness over 200 km of tracks at Landcruiser Mountain Park, taking in the views of Cowah Falls, the Brisbane River, deep creeks and wild waterfalls. One of Australia’s most picturesque 4X4 parks, this working cattle station is home to the adjoining Great Dividing Range with heavily forested ridgelines carved into ancient natural rock formations.

Within the tour you will tackle rocky, rutted gullies, navigate creek beds and roll through river crossings. There will be challenging accents and descents that will test your bravery (and that of your passengers).

Get ready to challenge your driving skills to the max with plays on speed, gravity and balance, and have a heap of fun doing it!