Dirty Date

5 Reasons Why Oz Buggies is the Best Date Idea


It's not easy coming up with date ideas without resorting to some variation of dinner and a movie. Not that you can even resort to that old routine with the pandemic still ongoing; cinemas are closed, and your favourite restaurant is only doing takeout.

Sure, many of us are looking forward to a time when we can get back to the cinema, but there's still plenty of fun things to do on a date that will create lasting memories. Adventure buggies are one idea that you may not have considered, so we're here to tell you why they may be one of the best dates you ever experience.

1. You Don't Have to Get Dressed Up


Adventure buggies are one dirty date where you get to keep your clothes on but getting dressed up is not recommended. There are no dress codes where you're going, not even smart casual, so make sure you wear something you're not afraid to get dusty and muddy.

So, what do you wear when you're on a buggy adventures tour with your significant other? We really don't care what you look like, so any old clothes you have in the cupboard will do the trick. You will be going off the beaten track, so shorts, singlets, and thongs are not recommended. You're on an ATV, but that doesn't mean you won't be working hard, so clothing that helps to wick away the moisture is ideal and put on a sturdy pair of sneakers to protect your feet.

2. You're The Strong Silent Type


If you've been dating a while, then casual conversation won't be an issue. First dates, on the other hand, can mean your conversation skills or lack thereof can be a deal maker or breaker. If you are an awkward conversationalist, then the typical dinner and a movie date can feature more than the fair share of uncomfortable silences while you desperately think of something profound to say. We can guarantee that awkward conversations are going to be the furthest thing from your mind when you are hurtling through the Australian.

3. You Will Show Your More Adventurous Side


Most dates, like the oft mentioned dinner and a movie date, don't allow you to be yourself fully. Everyone does it, and you're required to be on your best behaviour. A regular, run-of-the-mill date doesn't give you much opportunity to show off your more adventurous side or reveal your personality.

Adventure buggies will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise for the lucky lady or bloke. If you've been together for a while, then a buggy ride through the bush will do the trick if you're both looking for more excitement in your shared life. There's no better cure for boredom than the adrenaline rush you feel when you satisfy your need for speed.

4, Adventure Buggies are a Great Shared Experience


With COVID-19 still doing the rounds, it can be hard to get out and have fun together. Adventure buggies provide the perfect opportunity for getting out of the house and enjoying a shared experience together in a safe yet thrilling environment that will get the blood pumping. It's sure to be a special time you will remember for years to come. It's certainly more exciting than going out for ice cream, or a picnic in the park, even though they can be great too.

5. Adventure Buggies are Great Stress Relief


We're all feeling the pressure of the current global challenges, and the stress can get the better of us if we let it. Careening down a rough dirt track on four wheels, with the dust flying high, and the trees whipping by in a blur can be better than therapy or a session at the gym for relieving stress. We're sure your partner will get the same benefits and will appreciate you more for taking them on such a memorable date.

If you are looking for an exciting first date idea, or want to do something more thrilling with a significant other because you can't get to the cinema, then Oz Buggy tours have the cure for boredom you've been looking for.