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How to Organize the Best Dad’s Day Out

Dad's Day Out - How to Plan an Outing with The Kids

Outing with Kids

Kids grow up fast, and before you know it, you are wondering where the years went and wishing you had spent more time bonding and creating special memories. If you're lucky enough to be a dad to young children, don't let those special times slip away. It can be hard to find the time for a day out with the kids, but the memories you create will be priceless.

Children of different ages add extra challenges to a planned dad's day out because the activities need to be fun for everybody. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options to choose from that will ensure everyone has a great time. Here are a few excellent ideas to help you plan the perfect outing.

1. Plan Your Day in Advance

Trying to sort things out the night before the trip isn't the best time to start getting organized for a dad's day out with the kids. You're bound to forget a few things, and you will lose a lot of flexibility over the schedule. Start figuring out the logistics of the day at least a couple of weeks in advance. You will have time to appropriately fill out your schedule and get your supplies in order.

2. Consult with The Team

Each family member will have their own idea of what makes a fun outing. You will need to discuss your thoughts with the family to find out what they would like to get out of the day. It could be a trip to the zoo, a theme park, or you could explore the wilderness with guided buggy tours if you and the kids are feeling adventurous and want to do something different.

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3. Do Your Research

When young kids are involved, even a day out at the park requires planning and attention to detail. You'll want to plan out activities for the young ones, so they are always occupied and making the most of the day. Theme parks are crowded places with lots of things to see and do, and a mapped-out schedule of where to go and when will be essential to seeing everything you want to see.

4. Check Out the Venue First

When you have discovered what you think may be the perfect venue or adventure, you might like to check it out first before committing to a visit. This way you will know for sure that it's suitable for all of your family. Read reviews online and ask around so you get a feel for the quality of service you will receive.

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5. List Your Requirements

A checklist of things you will need on the day will mean you won't be caught with nasty surprises. Do you need to book buggy tours or theme park trips in advance, what do you need to bring, will lunches be provided, what about water, refreshments, and snacks? If you have young children, it's good to have a change of clothes, especially if they are going to be exploring the wilderness or roughhousing in the park.

6. Consider Your Budget

A picnic in the park can be fun, and it doesn't cost much, but if you're planning something more adventurous, like buggy tours for instance, you will want to know that it's not going to blow the budget. Find out what everything is going to cost beforehand. When you plan your dad's day out in advance, you can give yourself some time to put away a little extra spending money.

7. Check the Weather Forecast

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The weather can spoil a great day out if all the action is going to be happening outdoors. If you're making a booking with an outdoor type of adventure, make sure they have the facility for company credit, just in case you need to postpone the event. If you aren't able to cancel and the weather forecast isn't favourable, pack some umbrellas and ponchos. It won't hurt to have alternative indoor fun planned just in case, because opportunities for a dad's day out with the kids don't come along all that often.

8. Stick to a Reasonable Schedule

Priorities rule the day when you're planning fun with the kids. You don't want to cram too much in, as the rushing around will have everyone flustered, tired, and stressed. There will be a temptation to fit as many activities as possible, especially when you have children of different ages. However, an overfull schedule will create the risk that no one has any fun. There's no harm in saving some activities for another dad's day.

9. Food and Beverages

When you and the kids are active, running around, or hurtling through the bush on buggy tours, everyone is going to get hungry, some faster than others. Larger families can save a significant amount of money by packing their food for the trip, but you will either want a place to stash it for when you are ready to eat or be prepared to carry it around for half the day. If the kids are older, they may be able to share some of the load.

Of course, worrying about food can take some of the fun out of the event. You may just want to buy food when you're there, so you don't have to worry about it. Ensure there are suitable restaurants in the area and check menus and prices before the date, so you have more control over your food budget.

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10. Try a Group Activity

Having another family tag along might not always be ideal for some outings but are a fantastic option for others. A day out in the park will be a lot more fun for the kids if there are other children around the same age. The get together could also be a fantastic opportunity for dads to catch up, while also bonding with the kids.

11. Plan for Boring Bits

Depending on what you have planned, there may be lulls in activities that are boring for the kids, such as queuing up, for example. You can prepare for these by having something to keep the young ones entertained.

Younger children might like to colour in. If you keep a small notebook and pens handy, you could play a quick game of Pictionary.

Travel games or a pack of cards also fit nicely into a backpack, weigh next to nothing, and are much better than gadgets or mobile phones on a day meant for family bonding. If your fun day out requires some time in the car, prepare a list of car games to break the boredom. The memory game starts with someone listing one item, like something you would take on a picnic. The next person adds one more item to the list, and on it goes. Each person is required to list everything in order with each turn, plus add something extra. Get a part of the story wrong, and you’re out.

Would you rather is another game of imaginative fun that involves coming up with two far out scenarios to choose between. For example, would you rather lie in a bathtub full of worms, or stick your head in an aquarium full of roaches? Then you’ve got the old standbys like the quiet game, I spy, and twenty questions to help pass the time.