Girls Day Out

Get on the Road, It's About the Journey Not the Destination


Winter is almost done, school holidays are just around the corner, and the Christmas holidays aren't too far away. The time for fun and relaxing is virtually upon us, so it might be time to start planning that road trip with the girls you've always wanted to take.

International travel is on the back burner for some years to come, but you can still have a great time exploring your own neck of the woods.

You could go camping, explore the rainforest, or go on ATV tours for a wild ride through the Australian bush. Whatever your destination, the journey should be a huge part of the fun, especially if you've got a long drive ahead of you.

The great thing about a weekend road trip is that you don't have to book expensive flights, worry about transport in a foreign country, or make sure you've got the right power adaptors because you already have everything you need. Just pack the car and go. Exploring your local countryside by car is a lot more carefree than the average international holiday, but you will still need to do some planning to pull it off.

A road trip gives you the freedom to explore at your leisure, take a stop anywhere you care to, and savour the scenery for however long you like. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with your family and share some bonding experiences. Instead of rushing to fit everything into a single day, why not make a weened of it? Here's how to plan and coordinate the perfect road trip with your girls.

Always Be Prepared

Anything can happen when you're out on the road, so always expect the best, but plan for the worst. It could be something as simple as a flat tyre, or as frustrating as a busted radiator. If possible, ensure your car is fully serviced before you head out on a long trip, and make sure your insurance is up to date.

You never know if you'll need to make an unscheduled stop, need a tow, or have to rent a car to get home. A good emergency kit for the vehicle will include jumper cables, flares, a small petrol container (don't travel with it full), first aid kits, torches, spare batteries, and a power bank or two for mobile devices. A large 5 or 10 litre bottle of water could also come in handy if you find yourself stuck a few miles from civilisation.


Download and Update All of Your Apps

Mobile phone apps can come in handy when you least expect it. If your young kids aren't inclined to go to the toilet by the side of the road or behind a tree, you're going to need to find a public toilet quick smart. Yes, there's an app for that. There are also apps to help you find emergency accommodation, service stations, or request a tow.

Plus, if you have small kids, and they're tired of games like punch buggy, and I spy, then a few apps to keep them entertained on the road won't go astray. Kids can also use phones and tablets to watch a show (make sure you download them first), read books, colour in, or play games. If you're travelling through remote areas, you'll want to make sure you have offline versions of your apps. Google Maps allows you to download maps you can use when you don't have mobile broadband access.

Set Up Your Playlist

TMusic is the lifeblood of every road trip, so you'll want to make sure spotty mobile coverage doesn't mess with your tunes. Download your playlist music files directly to your device, so they can play uninterrupted even while no bars are showing. You probably already have a good idea of the music you will be listening to on the trip, but if you need inspiration, try a Google search like "best playlist for a girls road trip." You'll see there's no shortage of great ideas. Get some input from the others going on the trip, so everyone will have a chance to listen to their favourite artists and tunes.


Taking the Best Road Trip Photos

Even the best mobile phone cameras don't match the quality of a decent compact camera. They will do in a pinch, but if you want quality photos to look back on a memorable trip, then pack a standalone camera. There's no guarantee a stranger will be nearby who can take a picture of you all either. A small tripod will mean everyone can get in the frame. Take some time and practice learning how to use the timer feature on your camera, so you aren't figuring it out on the trip. You will never know what you're going to see when you're on the road, so always be prepared, and you will come back with some fantastic shots.

Make A Game Plan

Road trips can be spontaneous, but that doesn't mean you should be shooting from the hip for the entire journey. The highways might get you there quicker, but they're not much to look at. Plan your trip and break the monotony of the freeway up with a few interesting detours. Google Maps is an excellent source of inspiration for finding those interesting stops in little out of the way places on the way to your destination.


Delegate Duties

When you've got a long drive on your way to the campsite or ATV tours, your girls will feel more involved with the trip if they have some essential duties to perform. Rather than stress yourself out by doing everything yourself, delegate some tasks. One could be put in charge of packing the snacks, while another can play the role of the music DJ. Other duties you could create include trip navigator, and if your girls are old enough, you could share the driving and prevent fatigue on a long trip.

When you're looking forward to an exciting destination like a favourite campsite, nature walk, or ATV tours, don't let a few hours in the car stress you out. Instead, plan to have some fun along the way, and make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.