Ray Keuning

Ray Keuning

El Capitano

Ray was born and raised in the Blue Mountains region of NSW where his parents taught him hunting and bush craft skills. At the tender age of 15, Ray decided to join the Australian Army as an Army Apprentice and completed nearly 30 years of service with the Army.

Ray had six overseas deployments, all of which were served as a Peace Keeper in Bougainville, PNG. His love and appreciation of the bush served him well as he led a team of 24 soldiers on patrols through the dense jungles, promoting the Peace process and collecting weapons on behalf of the United Nations. Ray was awarded the Australia Service Medal for his service in Bougainville.

In 1990, Ray was presented with a prestigious Meritorious Marksmanship Award by the Australian Army Rifle Association in recognition of his outstanding marksmanship and military weapons training skills.

Since leaving the Army, Ray has maintained a presence in the Transport industry – operating heavy vehicles and more unusually, traveling overseas and around Australia as a crew member for a maritime vessel delivery company.

These days, Ray likes to sit back on his property and drink hot coffee while watching the grass grow. But as the saying goes, you can’t take the spots off a Leopard, so Ray has joined the Oz Buggy Tours team as the Truck Driver and “Bushy” tour guide.

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