Adventure Bucket List:

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Victoria


Looking for new adventure activities closer to home now international travel has slowed down?

With the Coronavirus disrupting world travel there’s been a staggering 99.6% reduction in tourists arriving in Australia. On the flipside, this travel ban has kept roughly 10 million Aussies from heading overseas.

If you’re one of the millions of locals who normally head overseas for action and adventure you don’t have to wait until international borders reopen. There are countless adventure activities available in your own backyard to provide the same thrill, excitement and buzz (with less travel keeping more money in your pocket).

From adrenaline-fuelled activities in the sky, to thrilling guided off road tours, and coming face to face with monsters of the deep, there’s something to satisfy every adventure-hungry Australian.

Here’s our list of the top 10 adventure activities to try in Victoria.

#1 - Skydive the Great Ocean Road

Nothing says ‘adrenaline’ like leaping from a plane at 15,000 feet.


Tandem skydiving should be on every adrenaline junkie’s bucket list with the Great Ocean Road - a National Heritage listed site, yours to experience like never before. Start off with a quick safety briefing with professional skydivers before flying over Bells Beach and the start of the Great Ocean Road.

Take a deep breath because you’re about to experience 60 seconds of free fall (hitting speeds up to 200 kilometres/hour) with majestic views as far as the eye can see. At around 4,500 feet your parachute is deployed and from here it’s approximately 5 minutes of a blissful, once-in-a-lifetime adventure as you drift safely back to land.

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#2 - Victoria’s newest guided off-road tours

If you’ve got a love for adventure and nature, a guided off road tour is your #1 option.

A hands-on and interactive adventure experience, you’ll jump into your very own high powered buggy and explore terrain that 99% of vehicles can’t reach. That means splashing through wild river crosses, hurtling up cragged rocks, and powering past spectacular scenery behind the wheel of your own off-road buggy.


Perfect for family outings or creative date night ideas, all you need is a full license (and possibly a spare shirt for all the tracks you’ll be tearing up) and you’ve got one of Victoria’s hottest new adventures waiting for you in an awesome guided off road tour.

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#3 - White water rafting the Yarra

Most people think of the CBD when they think of the Yarra River...but you’re not most people.

A short 45-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD and you’ll see the Yarra like never before, from inside a 2-man kayak riding the crest of pounding waves and white water rapids!!!

Each adventure starts with a safety briefing and the latest gear to keep you safe (but not dry, prepare to be soaked with a smile on your face) before hitting the water for two fun-filled hours. Your inflatable kayak is designed to be safe and stable, so beginners will enjoy this white-knuckle ride as much as those who’ve white water rafted before.

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#4 - iFLY Melbourne indoor skydiving

Not a fan of heights? No worries.

Melbourne’s iFLY indoor skydiving experience creates the same adrenaline-fueled adventure without the need to fly to 15,000 feet.

The perfect family outing (kids as young as 3 are welcome to fly in the safe, vertical wind tunnel) you can replicate the feelings of an outdoor freefall on your terms. Each visit allows you to freefall for the equivalent of 3 x 12,000 foot skydives, with your own safety briefing and flight suit to make the experience an authentic rush.

Even better, the air flow in your iFLY chamber is carefully controlled to match your skill level, so whether you’re going solo for the first time, or organising a day out with mates, you’ll get to defy gravity with style.

Ready to experience indoor skydiving? Find out more here

#5 - Dive with sharks

Meet the monster of the deep up close and personal at Melbourne aquarium, where you can get face to face with the ocean’s most fearsome predators (some up to 3 metres long).

This thrilling (but 100% safe) encounter is open to divers of all skill levels (available for both certified and non-certified divers). So whether you’re a novice or you’ve been diving countless times before, you can count the teeth of a fearsome shark up close.

After a quick introduction to scuba diving, it’s into the tank for a 30 minute swim with shark species including Grey Nurse, Blacktip Reef, Port Jackson and Wobbegongs as well as groupers, stingrays, sandbar whaler sharks, turtles and much more. Do you have the courage to face your fears?

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#6 - Fly a helicopter

Who says you need 10,000 hours at flight school to pilot an aircraft?

Flying a helicopter is a heart-pounding thrill like no other. After meeting your flight instructor you’ll dive into a briefing on the theory of helicopter flying, then it’s into the skies for a 30-minute training flight. Flying a dual-controlled chopper, your co-pilot will hand over each control one by one until it’s just you and the open sky.


Experience the excitement of maintaining your flight path, or attempt the challenging mid-air hover - it’s up to you because you are literally in control. Learning to fly a helicopter in Melbourne is an unforgettable adventure experience you can’t miss.

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#7 - Smash room

2020 has been a challenging year for many people. Why not take out your frustration on...everything?

Smash rooms allow you to grab a tool of your choice and, as the name suggests, smash things. A highly cathartic release after a tough year, Melbourne’s top smash rooms involve a quick safety briefing and a safety equipment fitting, then you’re unleashed on the room.

Choose your own music if you’d like to do some damage to your favourite tunes, then destroy the items in front of you. Throw plates at walls, smash glass with a sledgehammer, or use a t-ball stand to line up each item and swing for the fences.

It’s unorthodox, it’s unusual, and it’s huge fun.

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#8 - Learn to surf

Every Aussie should know how to surf (at least that’s what foreigners think).

At Melbourne’s URBNSURF you’ll have access to qualified surfing instructors and an innovative surf park generating ocean-like waves in a 100% controlled environment. Perfect if you’d rather not head out into the open ocean for lessons, this family-friendly waterpark is a hit with pro surfers and complete beginners.


Learn the basics of catching a wave then head out into the water to show off your new skills. So the next time someone asks if you know how to surf, you’ll be able to say you absolutely do.

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#9 - VR experiences

Who said adventures had to happen in the real world?

Enter an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience with private sessions as well as group adventures. With multiple VR games to play, you can defend a castle from a horde of invaders, race your friends on a high-speed track, pilot your own fighter jet, or experience a horror simulation that will have you screaming with fear/joy.

Perfect for first-timers, virtual reality has put a whole new spin on Victorian adventure experiences.

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#10 - Drive a V8 race car

If a guided off-road tour got your heart pumping, why not pair it with a spin around the track in one of Australia’s most high-powered V8 vehicles?

Burn rubber on Melbourne’s fast and famous National Circuit at Sandown Raceway. 3.1 kilometres of twists and turns, with 13 corners and wide open straights for you to put your pedal to the metal. Oh, did we mention there’s NO speed limit? Hit speeds up to 200 kilometres/hour with real race car drivers and instructors to guide you.

It’s fast and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Ready to take on the track? Find out more here

Where will your next Victorian adventure take you?

With Covid-19 changing the way you travel, now is the perfect time to experience the adventure activities available in your own backyard.

Victoria offers fun, family-friendly and unforgettable experiences for all ages, skill levels and interests. From guided off road tours to soaring through the skies and everything in between - if you’re looking for something to do on your next holiday, these are the top 10 activities to start with.

The only problem now is choosing which activity to try first!